No more tracking errors

The online tracking control and management solution that preserves data quality by reducing verification errors and cuts checking time.


The benefits of automated tracking control

Data Quality

High quality and completeness of the data collected allows you to develop strategies based on detailed information

Full coverage

Analysis of all pages, including the thank you page, gives you control over all browsing data

Timeliness and precision

Save time and resources, with errors identified in real time and the option of creating customized alerts

Audit and Privacy

Automatic monitoring of implementation of adv pixels, GTM tag and cookie policy, without repercussions on performance


Main Features

Learn how Data Kojak can help you automate and speed up tracking control and ensure
the quality of business intelligence data.

User Simulations

Recording, tracking and analysis of users' actual browsing in order to validate analytics events.

Tag Governance

Scanning site pages and monitoring the correct integration of the GTM and ADV pixels.

Data Validation

Full control of variables set to predefined rules and accuracy checking of events on the site.

Privacy Audit

Daily cookies audit of to verify the data collected complies with the rules on processing of personal data

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