Main Features

Learn how Data Kojak can help you automate and speed up tracking checks and ensure the quality of your business intelligence data.


User Simulations

Data Kojak controls the presence of analytics events quickly and intuitively on selected user journeys, including those related to the ecommerce funnel.

The tool will check the data daily, sending automatic alerts in the event of errors that prevent conversions or that impact on revenue.


Data Validation

Data Kojak automatically analyzes all the elements in the Data Layer to ensure correctness and effective event tracking.

Full site coverage prevents a concatenation of errors that could lead to incorrect business decisions.


Tag Governance

Data Kojak browses all pages of the site, automatically checking for the presence of GTM tag, advertising pixels and any unexpected tags.

Unlike manual checking, with all its technical and time constraints, the tool carries out simultaneous and broad-spectrum checks, including cross-checking of all the site’s variables.


Privacy Audit

Data Kojak ensures compliance with the rules on the processing of personal data, identifying data that should not be collected and processed.

The cookies audit, carried out daily, is essential to ensure that tags start based on user acceptance.


Report e Alert

Data Kojak allows you to create automatic alerts (that can be integrated with the main ticketing systems) to prioritize interventions and reduce reaction times.

In addition, specific reports can be downloaded from the interface so as to provide a detailed overview of the nature of the tracing.

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